THE OWL AND THE MUSE (not stolen from The Owl and the Pussyca

The Owl and the Muse
Went to sea
In a beautiful tea tree boat
They sailed on calm waters,provisions aboard
with something to eat, and coffee to drink.
Large painters book, coloured pecils kept in a dry bag.
Eraser not needed,true artist she said

The landing was fine,white sand and palm trees
inviting the weary to sleep under them
A hammock of choice -large or small
made from the strongest of twine
collected from reeds and rushes that covered
this haven on earth.

A small note pined on a palm
read like this
“Sleep if you can
some say its too quiet
Give it chance
Just talk to the birds
Their eyes give you stories
to paint and to pose
They know that this island
Is here just for those
who have made it their quest
No hammock for those
who don’t come for a rest”

Signed ” Sec to the Owls”

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 17.3.06


3 responses

  1. lovely Lois…can I come too??Jan

  2. Lois, I’m on my way to soak up some of that owl shared muse.


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