Lemurian Warriors Guard White Owls


White Owl Island is a sacred, a deeply spiritual island that is guarded by Lemurian Warriors. The Warriors are vigilant and will only let those, who have proven that they have open hearts, explore and engage in this world.

Heather Blakey – April 1 2008


5 responses

  1. Wow, wow! Heather, I love the dragon and the warriors! Beautiful image!

  2. Heather, this is a powerful image! Yes, yes — the dragon. Wow!

  3. Marvelous image, Heather. And I do love the dragon at the bottom. I have a soft spot for dragons.

  4. Heather this is a great image. The tree, the snakes, the humans all come together to make a powerful impression.

    I’m into dragons, too, Jane. After all, I was born and raised under the Welsh flag…the Red Dragon.

  5. Dragons are my favourite creatures, since they have the knowledge to be so powerful, yet choose to share and be kind spirited most of the time.

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