Midnight on White Owl Island

Midnight on White Owl Island
where all dreams are real…..
Image:  L.Gloyd (c) 2008

13 responses

  1. That is gorgeous, Lori. What you can do with photoshop never fails to amaze me!

  2. Oh, this is lovely, Lori.

  3. This is a wonderful image, Lori. I like what you have done with it. Photoshop is the tool, but you are the artist that drives the tool.


  4. Thanks. All the components except for the moon were either made or photographed by me. I assembled them and them ran the composition through a bunch of filters and color adjuustments.

  5. PS… if I were to do this over I would put the reflection of the moon in the water which i just realized I forgot to do.

  6. Very dramatic! Love how mysterious it feels 😉

  7. Heather Blakey | Reply

    We all benefit when you cannot sleep Lori. You have very effectively captured midnight on Owl Island. I can see many encounters with owls coming here 🙂

  8. The Great White Owl thanks you beyond measure for this wonderful portrait. You are hereby appointed chief photographer and painter of The Island. The Secretary

  9. Why, thank you, Madame Secretary.

  10. Your owl looks as if she has something intriguing to say. What might that be?

  11. Stunning!

  12. How wonderful that you were able to capture that magnificent white owl so perfectly! I do so hope that I can sight of him whilst I am here!


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