Salt Scrub

Salt Bush

Exploring on the Island, found some magical, silvery,

salt scrub…

(copyright Imogen Crest 2008.)


11 responses

  1. Looks interesting enough to roll in 😉

  2. Salt Scrub, that’s an unlikely name for something that looks to me like fine lace.


  3. I wonder what kind of sea fairies live in salt scrub?

  4. Heather Blakey | Reply

    Fairies who make those scrubs we buy to cleanse ourselves Kerry. I can imagine a host of them rubbing and scubbing, working for Dame Washalot.

    The fine lace effect is very beautiful Monika. It would take so long to create what nature makes with such ease.

  5. I agree. The first thing that came to mind is “fine lace”.

  6. LOL, Heather, that’s exactly right! I remember that. It is like fine lace, I agree with everyone and good enough to roll in, and come clean and new by the seaside!

  7. say fine lace and my mind instantly goes into how to transform that into a knitting pattern–no thank you–I’ll stay and have a roll along with everyone else though-it’s quite beautiful

  8. That is simply incredible. Such beautiful stuff. And Raven, as far as the lace pattern? I’m not even sure I could knit that one, let alone design it – it is so complex!

  9. Nature crosses seasons with design so effortlessly! Beautiful photography, too.

  10. Thanks for these comments. The salt scrub seems to lend itself to many uses!

  11. If I were to taste it upon my tongue,
    It wouldn’t taste salty, it would taste fun!

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