Me, a Nun?!!

On my way back from breakfast this morning I checked out the notice board and there is a ferry leaving at 3.00 pm for the Island of Lenore. I was able to make arrangements to stay at the Abbey on the island, which will be something of an experience in itself. I’m an ‘armchair archaeologist’; I love old buildings and I imagine that it will be very peaceful there. I remember considering a long time ago, when I was going through those awful teenage years full of angst, that I would become a nun. Laughable, I know. I was not in the least bit religious, and certainly not Catholic – in fact I’d spent many of the Sunday’s of my youth wagging church – but I would deprive the world of my company. That would show them! It would have been utter torture for all concerned. I dislike routine, and couldn’t imagine having my days run by the clock and knowing exactly what tomorrow held. I had probably been stopped from doing something or other by my parents, and that’s what brought it on. I don’t think the idea lasted for more than a couple of hours, as I have been blessed with optimism and nothing fazes me for long. So I’ll go to the Abbey and in my mind I will be walking serenely around in a penguin suit being very pious, and imagining what life would have been like as a nun.


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  1. Oh give it a try-mostly so I can see what happens.

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