The Man in the Green Turban and Preparing for the Ferry


Banksia kalediscope – part of Experiments Set

“My daughters gave you a mystery explained didn’t they,” said the Man in the Green Turban.

“Yes they teased me though”

He chuckled, “Yes, that’s their way. Well my role is to ask you to search for the ying and yang and to keep asking questions even if it hurts.”

“Will that help my seeds grow”

“Yes it’s all part of your journey, You have a map?”

“Yes, E gave it to me.”

“Well the map has both universal and individual symbols on it,

study that map because there’s more hidden there.”

“I will..” I replied.

“Here pass me your anchor for just a minute.”

I passed the anchor and then the old man breathed into it. It gained a butterfly shape .

“Oh thankyou ..” I replied with awe

I returned it to my walnut.

“What should I do with these seeds, they don’t seem to want water.”

He gently laughed,

“ah you need to find your wings, two wings, to take flight…, to dream ”

He hobbled over to a jar and sure enough in it were two tiny wings.

“Say hello to little Speck for me. But he can’t have these wings they are for you.”

“How do I wear them”

“ah these are wings of the soul, you wear them through thick and thin.”

There was a brief silence as I pondered these words. Then he continued.

“Now before you return to the ship we must go see the owls and then meet the ferry. I have more to show you before we know just how to look after those seeds of yours.”

“I would so like to meet those Owls. ”

“Yes, you have to see through the bird’s eyes to understand the next step of your journey.”

What birds eye view might mean led to a much longer silence. Then he walked out of the potting shed and I followed. We walked for a long time, a day and night and another day and he showed me the trees, the mountains, and the little statues and icons of owl island. We stopped to meet the people of the island, he seemed to know them all.

Each landmark had a story, each person seemed so happy to be in the company of this old man. He said just a few words, pulled things from his pockets, and gave them things that I think were from the potting shed. I wanted to ask questions but something told me this was not the time for the questions, this was the time to listen.

Some of the Sights and people of the Island

Main Mission Beach - Sunsets and light 036




kiribati woman

paint me a face1

last touches to the costume

creating a mandala 2
(c) June Perkins 2009 all rights reserved

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6 responses

  1. Now with your tiny wings, you’ll be able to go anywhere at all, and we, I hope, will get to share in your experiences. Love your pictures.


  2. Now with your tiny wings, you’ll be able to go anywhere at all, and we, I hope, get to share in your experiences. Love your pictures.


  3. Seems to me you have yin and yang contained within this post extremely well – it reads with such serenity combined with an excitement of what is to come 🙂

  4. the man in the green turban is such a fascinating character…I’d like to meet him…

  5. I love the idea of butterfly wings for your soul. How lovely. I want to see through the eyes of the owl, too.

  6. You sure do know how to show your readers a good time

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